Academic Support

Ready to learn

At Women’s, we understand that students learn more when they are intensely involved in their education. Collaborating with others to problem solve and apply their learning in different settings all help students prepare for life during and after university.

Women’s offers invaluable academic support to all residents, including:

  • Weekly tutorials in specific subjects including Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, French, Journalism, Law, Mandarin, Nursing, Pharmacy and Political Science, among others
  • Facilitated access to other UQ support programs
  • A mentoring program for both first year and returning residents
  • Advice on study skills and time management

Managed by the Deputy Head of College, our Academic Support program aims to help Women’s residents:

  • Learn efficiently and effectively
  • Develop university study strategies
  • Develop the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed at university and in life

New students are proactively supported, starting in Orientation Week when residents are offered assistance in the process of choosing courses, making connections and taking advantage of the range of academic opportunities on offer. The support continues throughout the year to help each student on her own learning path.