Before you apply

We strongly encourage you to get to know us before you begin the application process. 

Visit us in person, explore our website, print the Application Information Form, ask around to see if anyone knows about Women’s, talk to your School Principal and even Google us! The more knowledge you have, the better informed your decision will be. Please print the Application Interest Form for more information about the College 

We use the following selection criteria to determine the order of offers for placement:

- Academic merit
- Community engagement
- Cultural achievements
- Sporting achievements
- General suitability to College life
- Historical and family connection to College
- Home location (priority to rural and regional Queenslanders)
- University choice (priority to UQ students)

Application process

Applications must be received to be considered for the following year and we appreciate early, thoughtful and complete applications.

Step 1:

Visit the UQ’s Residential Colleges’ Application Portal. Follow the instructions and choose The Women's College as your first preference. Be aware this application process can take 10 minutes.

Step 2:

You will receive an automatic email entitled "Application Email" which will inform you that "This information has been sent to the College and over the next couple of days, they will be in direct contact with details on how to complete the application process" 

Step 3: 

The Women's College will then email you with a link which will take you to the second part of the on line application. This section requests further information and two additional documents for you to complete before your application can be processed and reviewed by Women's College staff:

- Application Fee Form. This is a non-refundable $110 application fee 

- Referee Reporting Form. This will help you complete your two references you will need for your application.

Step 4:

Print the Application Fee Form and complete. Post it to The Women's College or scan and email to 

Step 5: 

Think of two people you know well to provide a reference for your application into The Women's College 
- one referee could be an academic referee, for example, a teacher or other education professional who can comment on your studies to date

- one referee could be a family friend who has known you for some years or someone you have done some volunteer work for

- Note: It is not appropriate that you ask family members or personal friends to act as referees.

Step 6: 

Send your two referees the following information. Please ensure you allow ample time for referees to complete the documentation

- the Referee Reporting Form

- politely request that they complete the Referee Reporting Form and send directly to the College either by post or email 

- ask if they could inform you when they have completed the Form so that you are aware your application will be complete

- you may also want to inform them that there is no need for referees to provide any extra letters or documentation to the College

- Note: If  they intend to post the form back, you should provide them with a stamped envelope

Step 7: For International Students only

Please send The Women's College the following two additional documents (1) a copy of your unconditional offer from The University of Queensland (2) Acceptance form from The University of Queensland

Step 8:

Once The Women's College receives the completed on line application and the three additional completed documents (Application Fee Form and two Referee Report Forms) we will send you an email asking you to contact us to arrange an interview.

For International students we also need to receive the additional two documents from The University of Queensland.

Bursary application

If you would like to apply for a bursary to assist with your residency fees then please email us your 'Bursary Application Form' once you have completed your online application for residency at the College. 

We must receive the Bursary no later than Friday 28 September 2018.

To apply for a bursary click here

Interview process

All fully completed applications are reviewed.

If you are invited for an interview, we will contact you to make a suitable time and date.

- All interviews are held at The Women's College 

- On rare occasions, a telephone or video conference (e.g. Skype) interview will be offered to those living a great distance from the College

- Please note that being granted an interview does not imply that a place will be offered

- Places at Women’s are in high demand and you should look into alternative accommodation options in case Women’s is not able to accommodate you

- We will keep you informed of your application status.

Offer process

An offer of residency is based on your demonstrated ability to contribute to and gain from College life. We take into account your written application, interview presentation, referees’ reports, academic background and community involvement. 

Provisional offers of residence are made on the assumption that you have been accepted into university.

If you are an interstate or overseas student, you should advise Women’s immediately of the result of your HSC or any other examinations likely to affect the selection process. Some provisional offers may be made before the QTAC offer round, followed by a definite offer once your university place is confirmed.

A definite offer of residence will be confirmed after your university place has been confirmed.

If you are offered a place at Women’s, you’ll be asked to sign an agreement to become a member of College. This is a legally-binding agreement in which you commit yourself to the privileges and responsibility of College membership for a full academic year. 

Offer acceptance

Accepting an offer is something to be taken very seriously.

It’s expected that when you are admitted to Women’s, you will contribute generously to its well-being, and do all you can to advance its good name.

If you do accept the offer, there will be further paperwork to be completed.

Associate Membership - an alternative to 'living in College' 

If an offer is not extended, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for Associate Membership.