Associate Member Program

There is an option for students to enjoy all the benefits of college life, without ‘living in’: The Women’s College Associate Member Program, or ‘College for Day-Girls’.

Many studies have found that the support network that exists in many residential colleges was fundamental to success in university life, with strong links to academic and professional achievement.

Women’s has led the way in offering our unique college experience to all University women, regardless of their living arrangement. Since 2010, Women’s has extended the incredible academic, co-curricular and social benefits of the Women’s experience to those for whom we can’t offer accommodation.

"The Associate Program has hugely benefited me academically and has allowed me to meet some great new people over the past two years. Not once did I feel like 'just an Associate' - the warm environment of Women's is something I will greatly miss. I hope that the Associate Program continues to grow in coming years. Thank you again!" - Ellen Taylor, 2014/2015 Women's College Associate Member

‘Day-Girls’ call Women’s ‘home’ while at university, and enjoy all the benefits of College life including… Read more