Before You Apply

Deciding where to live during university is as important as where and what you will study. Living at a residential college is an exceptional experience, often making the transition to new routines easier and more rewarding.  However, all colleges are different. We want you to be certain that Women’s is the college for you.

We strongly encourage you to get to know us before you begin the application process.  Visit us in person, explore our website, ask around to see if anyone knows about Women’s, talk to your School Principal and even Google us! The more knowledge you have, the better informed your decision will be.

The staff at Women’s also travel around Queensland for school visits and career's fairs.  It’s a great idea to attend one of these if you can. Speaking to Women’s staff is one of the best ways to get a feel for the place.

Women’s is also open for visits all day during UQ Open Day at St Lucia but please keep in mind that this day can be overwhelming and you may not get a proper feel for Women’s if your visit is brief. To check the UQ Open Day date in August please visit our College Dates & Events page.