Bursaries & Scholarships

The closing date for the submission of 2017 bursary applications is the 30th November 2016.

However, applicants are encouraged to submit bursary applications by the regular College application closing date of 30th September 2016.     

Bursaries Available

The Women’s College currently has a number of needs-based bursaries available for new applicants to the College to apply for. These are:

- The Stan and Maureen Duke Foundation Bursary

- The Margaret Madeline Bird Bursary

- The Brisbane Women’s Club Trust Bursary

- The Jill Fittock-Harrison Bursary

- The Adjunct Professor Iyla Davies Bursary

- The Brazil Family Bursary

All of these bursaries take the form of a reduction to the successful resident’s College fees, and vary in amount from $3,000 per annum to $8,000 per annum.           

Some of these bursaries are continuous bursaries, meaning that the student who is awarded the bursary retains the bursary each year that they remain at the College and continue to meet the eligibility criteria. As such, we are not able to confirm until the beginning o each year which bursaries may become available for that year. We encourage any student applying to reside at The Women’s College who believes they meet the criteria for a needs-based bursary to submit an application as described below.

Bursary General Eligibility Criteria  

Bursaries are open for application for any applicant to The Women’s College who:

 -     is able to demonstrate genuine financial need and/or other hardship;

 -     is seeking to be enrolled or currently enrolled in a degree at a university in Brisbane; and

 -     has demonstrated merit academically

Some individual bursaries have specific eligibility requirements (e.g. being specifically for school-leavers; for students at a particular university etc.) so bursary application submissions are considered for any bursary for which the applicant may be eligible based on their circumstances.  

How to Apply

Applicants are invited to write a letter of no more than two pages, addressed to the Head of College, outlining their suitability to the aforementioned bursary general eligibility criteria. Please note in particular any reason for financial need and/or other hardship experienced by you and/or your family which would mean a bursary would assist you. Applicants are also invited to state any further reasons that demonstrate how they and/or their family would benefit from receiving a bursary.

Successful applicants will receive substantial financial assistance through a bursary for which they meet the criteria, provided that the normal conditions for entry to The Women’s College are fulfilled.

Applicants should note that they should complete a full application to The Women’s College as described on the College website, separate to their application for a bursary.

UQ Young Achievers

Applicants who are part of the UQ Young Achiever Program should also note that the College has a substantial UQYAP Accommodation Scholarship available each year, to the value of $11,000 per annum for up to three years.

Young Achievers applying to reside at Women's should note that they are a UQ Young Achiever in their regular College application, as well as completing the necessary UQYAP Accommodation Scholarship application through the UQ Young Achiever Program.

Indigenous Scholarship

Applicants who identify as coming from an indigenous background, and/or have been part of the Yalari or AIEF programs, should submit an application to reside at the College as outlined on our Admissions pages, and email deputyhead@womens.uq.edu.au for further information about applying for one of our Indigenous Scholarships. 

Academic Scholarships for Returning Residents

The Women's College also has a proud century-long tradition of celebrating success through the award of a number of bursaries and scholarships to returning residents based on academic performance and contribution to College. These are awarded annually at the Academic Dinner based on performance in the previous year.

If you have any further questions regarding bursaries and scholarships, please do not hesitate to contact the College on (07) 3377 4500 or email admin@womens.uq.edu.au