Co-curricular Activities

At Women’s we know that some of life’s best lessons are learned outside the classroom.

There are many different sporting and cultural activities on offer to complement your studies, with competitions and performances timed carefully to avoid interfering with academic commitments. 

The heart and soul of co-curricular activities is the Intercollege Council Competition (ICC). The strong history of ICC challenges brings great spirit to all events. Students compete for various ICC titles, as much as for fun and bragging rights!


Between March and October, Women’s residents can participate in 15 sports… Read more

Cultural Activities

Women’s has a varied cultural program, with art, music, dance, theatre, debating and chess combining to offer something for all tastes… Read more

Community Service

Women’s residents also have opportunities to be involved in various student-led community service projects… Read more

Student Club

Where the fun begins! Being part of Women’s active Student Club is a great way to develop leadership skills and community spirit and one of the best ways to get the most out of the experience of being at Women’s… Read more