Student Club

This is where the fun begins! Being part of The Women's College's active Student Club is a great way to develop leadership skills and community spirit; and one of the best ways to get the most out of your College experience.

As a resident or Associate Member at Women’s, you automatically become a member of the Student Club. It’s here that you will truly learn what it means to be a Wooza and become part of the history and tradition of this fantastic college.

The Student Club is led by ten executive members elected by the student body. Under the governance of a student-drafted Constitution, the Student Executive organises numerous social, cultural and sporting activities throughout the year.

They organise students to compete for the ICC Sport Shield and ICC Cultural Trophy as well as to become involved in social events, such as, ithe Women’s College 'At Home' event in first semester and the Women’s College Ball in second semester. There are informal weekly events with other Colleges to enjoy as well.

The Club also coordinates the Women’s Community Service and Fundraising events for various charities in line with the College motto Capimus ut dividamus “We take so that we may share”.

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