College Dates & Events

Please note ;

- University dates are based on the Queensland University calendar
- Items in bold are College alumnae events and some events may be invitation only
- College dates are subject to change

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Telephone : 3377 4500 or Email :


06/01/2017 Fees : First Account Due for Returning Students

26/01/2017 Australia Day Public Holiday


12/02/2017 Student Leadership Team move in

13/02/2017 Preparation Week (P Week) begins

19/02/2017 New students (Freshers) move in to College

19/02/2017 Orientation Week (O Week) begins

26/02/2016 Returning Students move in to College

27/02/2017 First Semester classes commence



13/03/2017 First Semester classes end before Mid-semester break

16/03/2017 College's 103rd Birthday

23/03/2017 Academic Dinner

24/03/2017 Fees : Second Account Due



14/04/2017 Easter Good Friday Public Holiday

17/04/2017 Easter Monday and First Semester Mid-Semester Break

24/04/2017 First Semester classes resume

25/04/2017 Anzac Day



01/05/2017 Labour Day Public Holiday



03/06/2017 First Semester classes end

05/06/2017 Revision Period (SWOTVAC) commences

09/06/2017 Fees : Third Account Due

11/06/2017 Examination Period commences

24/06/2017 Examination Period and First Semester ends

25/06/2017 All Students depart College for end of First Semester

29/06/2017 Standing Committee Luncheon


17/07/2017 UQ Graduation Week commences

23/07/2017 All Students return to College for Second Semester

24/07/2017 Second Semester classes commence



06/08/2017 UQ Open Day (St Lucia) and The Women's College Open Day

16/08/2017 Exhibition Day Public Holiday (Brisbane)

18/08/2017 The Women's College Annual Ball

25/08/2017 Fees : Fourth Account Due

26/08/2017 Alumnae Significant Year Reunions



01/09/2017 Return to College Forms due

12/09/2017 Annual Professional Women's Networking Dinner

23/09/2017 Second Semester classes end before Mid-semester break

25/09/2017 Second Semester Mid-semester break commences

29/09/2017 Applications due for 2018 Residential Applicants



02/10/2017 Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

03/10/2017 Second Semester classes resume after Mid-semester break

06/10/2017 Resident Assistant (RA) Applications due

10/10/2017 Sports Dinner

20/10/2017 Valedictory Dinner

24/10/2017 Cultural Dinner

27/10/2017 Room Deposits for 2018 due

28/10/2017 Second Semester classes end

30/10/2017 Revision Period (SWOTVAC) commences



04/11/2017 Examination Period commences

16/11/2017 Dividere Society Dinner

18/11/2017 Examination Period and Second Semester ends

19/11/2017 All Students depart College for end of year



04/12/2017 UQ Graduation Week commences

25/12/2017 Christmas Day