We understand that a Women’s experience represents a significant investment for any family. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer exceptional accommodation and service at a fair value. 

Residency fees

Residency fees are levied for the full academic year, excluding the semester vacation weeks… Read more

Cost comparison

It’s important carefully weigh up living costs while studying at university. There are many hidden costs of living independently which are often overlooked.

The 2016 annual residency fee at Women’s is $19,362 for study bedroom. Compare this to the annual cost of private rented accommodation at $29,480 (including the additional hidden costs of setting up home, food, bills, transport and entertainment) and the cost benefits of college life are clear.

The following table provides a useful comparison:

  The Women’s College
Based on annual commitment of 34 weeks
Private Accommodation
(St Lucia)
Based on 12 month lease
Weekly Rent $569 per week, includes:
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Housekeeping and linen service
  • Utilities
  • Academic tutorial program and pastoral care
  • Organised social, cultural and sporting events
  • Access to sporting and recreational facilities
  • 24 hour security
Food $90
Utilities $30
Transport $30
Entertainment $75
Total Per Week $569 $550
Establishment Expenses
Bond/Security Deposit   $600
Electricity $80
Utilities $100
Purchase Linen $100
Annual Cost $0 $880
Total Annual Costs $ 19,362 $29,480