Message from the Head of College

The Women’s College spirit is extraordinary.

The women are inspired and achieve success and excellence in all pursuits.  Academic excellence is seen as one of many forms of achievement.  Last year, the women won the Inter College Competition (known as the ICC) double in ICC Sport and ICC Culture.  Participation and contribution are celebrated.

Within the College we share a vibrant and caring collegiate community which provides an environment of friendship and support.  As the women who live here say:  Our College is our home’.

The women act with mutual respect, inclusivity and acceptance and are thankful for the contributions made by the women who created the College community throughout the last century.

The community nurtures the development of confidence, maturity and integrity.   Consequently, our women act with warmth and depth of character.

The time spent at Women’s becomes a life changing experience that develops leaders. 

The women learn to collaborate, negotiate and develop life-long friendships.  Our women are empowered to live lives of meaning. The women who live here will be powerful agents for change in the world in ways unimaginable and I am honoured to live with them for such formative years of their life journey.