The Women’s College within the University of Queensland (UQ) prepares women to think big and reach far.  Our Equity Pledge reflects our College Spirit.

Our mission is to create an inclusive and nurturing environment that allows our residents to achieve their academic potential and form lasting relationships with their peers.

Our vision is to create women who are ready to lead lives of meaning and consequence.

Our vibrant community brings together women from many different cultural, social, religious and economic backgrounds, united by distinct personal characteristics:

  • An intense intellectual commitment
  • A purposeful vision in life
  • A desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world

The Equity Pledge, written by our Student Leadership Team in 2017, demonstrates the unmistakable spirit at College. A spirit that you can feel within our halls. A spirit that is visible, too, in the lives of our alumnae, women who have become leaders in a wide range of fields, including those in which women are traditionally underrepresented.

Come and experience this spirit for yourself. It’s what makes us proud to be The Women’s College.

The Women's College Equity Pledge

Women's College is a place to celebrate and appreciate the diversity, talents and quirks of the people we share our home with.

We, the residents of Women's, pledge to create a safe environment where everybody is on the same playing field and is treated with respect and dignity.

We will ensure that while increasing awareness of important issues, we are welcoming and empathetic of all perspectives. We will exemplify this in events such as Wellness Week and Straight-Up Chat. Fundamentally, we pledge to maintain this attitude in our day-to-day lives.

We commit to fostering an open and accepting atmosphere, where we adopt an open mind and willingness to learn - from each other and our mistakes - in order to make all Woozas feel valued and empowered. Through curiousity and non-judgement we commit to the inclusion, respect and growth of each and every Wooza, no matter who.

It is by this that we pledge to build a beautiful and diverse culture inside ourselves and our community. 

We commit to the challenge. We commit to you. In all aspects of life at Women's, we pledge - NEVER LEAVE A WOOZA BEHIND

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