Student Alumnae Program

When you accepted a place at The Women's College, you became a Wooza for life. This means we are still there for you, as we will always be.

The Student Alumnae Program supports you while you are still studying at University but no longer living in College.

It basically enables you to walk in to the College and feel that sense of home again whenever you need. So if you need a friendly place between lectures or tutorials, simply come back to College. Please remember to sign in though - we need to know you are around just in case.

The Student Alumnae Program is free of charge. We just ask for your most recent contact details so we can stay in touch.

However, you can choose to pay for the following options:

10 meals throughout the year for $80
This includes breakfast, lunch or dinner at the College. You simply pay the $80 and sign in for each meal. Your dietary requirements will be catered for and you choose the dates and meal times you want.

Professional Networking Dinner sear for $20
As you are probably thinking about career job prospect, this Dinner is a wonderful opportunity to meet one-on-one with a professional in your field of interest.

To join the Student Alumnae Program please contact the College on 3377 4500.