New Old Girls Program

When you accepted a place at Women’s, you became a Wooza for life.  At that time, you probably didn’t know how long you’d live at College or what you’d get out of the experience other than a convenient place to live. 

What you found was a home away from home and family away from family. Membership to a community that’s second to none. It’s a place where you and your fellow Woozas have studied hard and played hard in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Now you’re taking your next step in life, but you don’t have to stride too far away just yet. The Women’s New Old Girls Program is here to support past residents, like you, in this next important life step. Being a New Old Girl (or NOG)helps you maintain your close connection to Women’s as a former resident. As a NOG, even though you have moved out of the College proper, you can still walk into Women’s and feel at home.

Sound like you?  Then sign up to be a NOG as you step into your next big adventure, with The Women’s College behind you all the way.

New Old Girls Program Benefits:

  • 10 x meals in the dining hall per semester (with the option of purchasing more meals if desired)
  • 2 x formal dinners per semester – choose the two speakers you’d most like to hear from (or maybe the menu you’d most like to sample!)
  • Invitations to the big dinners: Academic, Cultural, Sport, Valedictory
  • A Women’s College Crest keyring

All for an annual fee of $125 for the year

To register to become a New Old Girl, please complete this form.