Pastoral Care

All members of the Women's community accept they have a responsibility to ensure others feel safe, valued and happy - by listening, supporting, encouraging and being a friend. It's an important responsibility, one that is taken very seriously by residents and staff alike.

At Women's, pastoral care is offered in a number of ways:

Each wing has two Resident Assistants (RAs) who are returning residents familiar with college life. RAs are full-time students and are 'responsible' for the other residents within their wing. By providing support, acting as a resource, coordinating social programs, and working together to enforce College policies and expectations, these women are the first level of pastoral care at Women's.

Women's professional staff are on hand to support residents in a variety of ways and are adept at picking up when someone needs extra support or encouragement.

The Head of College and Deputy Head of College provide both one-to-one and group support to help with any personal issues. Working in a collaborative, sensitive and confidential environment, together with the student,  they can find the best way to address any challenges and move forward.

Both the Head of College and Deputy Head of College reside on site so they are available when needed, day or night.