The Women’s College: A Centenary History

In 1973, The Women’s College Old Collegians' Association published “A College is Built”. Written by Hilda Brotherton, her aim and charge was to document a history of the formation of The Women’s College, acknowledging those individuals whose belief in the institution resulted in the College of that day.

In keeping with these intentions, the College Council commissioned this book. "The Women’s College: A Centenary History" is a rich collection of memories and facts that weave together generations of The Women’s College and the women who have lived here. Eloquently written in a manner that brings to life the characters and situations that have shaped The Women’s College, there could be no finer way to commemorate the first century of The Women’s College.

To obtain your copy please contact the College.


The Women’s College Cook Book

The kitchen is often referred to as the centre of a home. At The Women’s College our kitchen is, without a doubt, the heart of College. There is nothing like savouring the cuisine, the stories and the friendships that are created within Women’s.

Memories of unforgettable College experiences are often brought to mind by a scent or a taste reminiscent of the food prepared at The Women’s College. With this in mind, the College's culinary team, led by Head Chef Mr Bill Guest, have assembled those recipes most loved by residents and alumnae, as well as the meals that distinguish our kitchen from any other.

The Women’s College Cookbook is available for purchase for $35. To obtain your copy please contact the College.