Student Awards & Prizes

Academic awards and prizes are awarded based on official university results from final examinations in the previous year. Awards are announced at the Academic Dinner in March, and include:

  • Jill Fittock Harrison Prize for academic excellence in first year
  • Henderson Foundation Prize for academic excellence of a senior country scholar
  • Hazel Francis Prize for excellence in Music
  • Molly Budtz-Olsen prize for excellence in first year Arts
  • May McLean Hancock OBE Prize for excellence in Business
  • Ethel H Raybould Prize for excellence in Mathematics
  • The Standing Committee Prize for a second year Science student
  • The Margaret Piddington Prize for a second year Arts student
  • The Vera Jones Prize for contribution to College
  • Joan Robinson Prize for contribution to College and academic merit
  • Chislehurst Prize for academic merit
  • Lisbeth Hopkins Scholarship for excellence in English Literature
Women applying for residency at College who require financial assistance are encouraged to visit The Women's College Scholarship page and The University of Queensland's myAdvisor site.