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As exams draw near our scholars are studying hard. Pictured here are some women in one of the many gathering areas within College. With 255 young women in College, studying a diverse range of courses, it is fascinating to hear what they are learning and what they need. For example, we just took delivery of several very detailed medical models.  Read More

Women's College won the 2017 Great Court Race for the seventh year in a row. So proud of all the women who participated and those who supported. Go Woozas!!. Pictured from left to right: Chloe Langbroek (Deputy Head), Natalie Schuster, Maddy Attlee, Lyndall Bryant (Head of College), Ollie Marsden and Erica Schmelzer. Read More

Anzac Day has always been a very blokey event. We honour the fallen in battle and  in those early campaigns they were all men.  Read More

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