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Student Executive and Resident Assistants

Getting ready to welcome the next generation of Women's College residents (aka Wooza's) !

The Student Club Executive is responsible for the social, cultural, community and sports activities of the College. They work very hard to ensure every woman in College is involved in the community and that they can share and benefit from an active and fun environment. 

The Resident Assistants are responsible for the pastoral care of students within the residential wings of the College. They ensure every women in the College is supported emotionally, academically and physically if needed. 

If you are a 2018 College fresher, the "New Crew" are the women to ask if you want to know more about College life and culture...they are the College student leaders. We also want to thank those women who left in 2017 for their contributions to the College Experience. They now move on to be the next generation of society’s leaders.

Resident Assistants pictured below

"The Old Crew" - Top Row 2017 RAs: Sarah Ford, Beth Royan, Amelia Cowley, Ellen Smith, Briony Williams, Isabel McCafferty, Sarah Allen, Lucy Grigg, Tahlia Baumann, Ruby Doolan, Leah Davis, Annabel Harte, Samantha Murphy.   

"The New Crew" - Bottom Row 2018 RAs: Georgia Hill, Jessica Darveniza, Charlotte Gehrmann, Alice McPherson, Courtney Hayward, Anna Matthews, Isabella Loeskow, Madeleine Wunsch, Bronagh O’Hanlon, Isabella Paice-Whear, Sumari van Zyl, Alice Mason, Sarah Mantova, Molly Shelton. 

Student Executive pictured below

"The Old Crew"- Top Row 2017 Student Club Executive:
Annika Darlington, Lucille Wilson, Natalie Schuster, Ashleigh Ford, Annabelle Thelander, Abby Battersby, Eliza Seymour, Courtney Ah Shay, Jane Millroy, Emily Steinhardt.

"The New Crew" Bottom Row 2018 Student Club Executive: Georgie Wicks, Ashley Maughan, Charlotte Laughlin, Emma Meyer, Meg Kraayvanger, Imogen Storey, Philippa Vella, Julia Power, Taylah Black, Ella O’Shea, Harriet White. 

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