3D Tour of The Women’s College Facilities

Click on the image to view the 3D tours of each area of the College. Some areas have one video and some more. These videos support Virtual Reality Goggles if you have them, and give a really good interactive tour through the college. While rooms have been set up to give the impression of students living in them, the videos represent a real view of what you can expect if you were to visit in person.

3D Tour of The Accommodation Facilities

Click on the image to view the 3D tours of each main living section of the College. The accommodation is organised into Wings. Key wings are called Centenary Wing, New Wing, Old Wing, Piddington Wing and 3rd Wing.

Old and New Wing are almost identical and so have been combined for the purpose of the 3D Tours. Centenary Wing was constructed after 2010 and is the most recent addition to The College.  The only wing without 3D Videos is 3rd Wing. The room layout is almost identical to New and Old wing so you can rest easy if you apply and end up being given a room in this wing.

3D Tour of  Common Room Facilities

Click on the image to view the 3D tours of key common areas of our student housing UQ – excluding those that are located within the residential wings. The common room facilities presented here are generally located off the main reception area and some have a dual function as a conference/function hire space

3D Tour of  Function/Conference Hire Facilities

Click on the image to view the 3D tours of key facilities within the College which can be hired out for functions and events.  During SWOTVAC and exam periods these rooms are reserved for student study spaces.

Additional Facilities and Common Areas

The photos below give an overview, with mini galleries as appropriate, of additional facilities you will find in college.


To support wheelchair access, dedicated lifts, ramps and suitable rest facilities have been incorporated into the College.

Bike Shed

A secure home for students’ bikes


Parking is available to 2nd and 3rd year residents.

The Maureen Aitken Garden between Old and New Wings has beautiful views to the University lake. The large grassy quadrangle outside the Harriet Marks Dining Hall and a paved courtyard ‘secret garden’ also provide a quiet haven to relax outside.

Affectionately named in memory of a member of the College staff, Vic’s Place is a room away from the accommodation wings that has tv/dvd facilities. Here you can meet with friends or  celebrate College sporting wins while not disturbing others.