“I believe in The Women’s College. I believe in its mission to equip young women to be Ready to Lead. I believe that Women’s is fulfilling this mission.

I believe too that the opportunities Women’s offers ought to be open to all with the potential to take them. But they are not; some young women and their families simply can’t afford the costs, reasonable as they are and this may even mean not attending a university at all.

I believe this is a gap we can close, so I’ve helped fund bursaries that reduce the costs of residence at Women’s for high-potential young women of limited means.

Perhaps you share these beliefs.

I’m now at the end of a career spanning fifty years and three continents. I’ve had that career because others, elsewhere, made exactly the kind of investment in the future that I’m inviting you to make.  I believe in The Women’s College … and I know you do too.”

“I invite you to join me as a donor to The Women’s College. Your donation, like mine, is an investment in the leadership potential of young women and thus all they will contribute in the future.”

Author: Professor Fred D’Agostino

Fred D’Agostino is a Professor of Humanities at The University of Queensland, where he also served as President of the Academic Board, Executive Dean of Arts, and a member of Senate. Bequests and donations enabled Fred to attend The Hun School, Amherst College and Princeton University, New Jersey, USA.

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