Project Description

Main Laundry Facility

The following video provides an interactive overview of the main laundry facility in the College. It is not the only facility as each wing also have smaller laundry facilities. If you have VR Goggles – all the videos are VR ready. Check out the outside area 360 tour where you will see the great drying spaces available.

3D Video Tour

Laundry Room Inclusions

This following list indicates the general things you will find available for laundry needs at either a wing level or at the main laundry room.

Washing machines – more than enough for even the most demanding of washathons!
Tumble Driers – mind you the weather here is such that the outside hanging areas are in greater demand!
Folding Areas
Hand washing sinks facilities
Outside hanging facilities – there is a lot of space for clothes here
Ironing facilities including Irons and Ironing boards
Steamer for Clothes

Laundry Room Layout

This following is taken from the 3D tour to give you a birds eye view of the main laundry room. Don’t forget, each wing also has smaller versions of this facility

Birds Eye View of the main Laundry room