Available Bursaries

A range of bursaries exist to applicants for The Women’s College. Generally they range from around $3,000 to $6,000. Not all bursaries listed on this page are available every year, so applications are invited for bursaries in general; The Women’s College allocates bursary on a case by case basis. Please refer to the Bursary application information HERE  which provides guidelines to the application process and criteria.

Adjunct Professor Iyla Davies Bursary

Adjunct Professor Iyla Davies was Head of College and CEO from 2009 – 2016.

As the Head of College and CEO, Adjunct Professor Iyla Davies lead the Centenary celebrations in 2014, oversaw the significant expansion of the College with the construction of the Centenary Wing and the Chislehurst Room, and the introduction of the Ready to Lead and Associate programs.

The warm rapport Iyla shared with her students and her quick sense of humour were much-loved aspects of her time as Head. Iyla’s family were also an important part of her time as Head of College, including her husband, Russell, their daughter, Caitlin, and their dog, a German Shepherd by the name of Bear.

Brazil Family Bursary

Mrs Bobbie Brazil (née Sinclair) is a strong supporter of the College and her daughter, Dr Victoria Brazil, is also an alumna of the College (1986 – 1988).

Bobbie was the Guest Speaker for the Standing Committee Luncheon in 2011 and her talk was entitled “Beautiful Minds create Beautiful Spaces – empowering women to lead social change through action, advocacy and philanthropy”.

She was the University of Southern Queensland Chancellor (2005 – 2013) and served on the Council from 1995 to 2001.She is also a Business Owner, Investor and Philanthropist.

Mrs Brazil was honoured in 2017 for her distinguished service to tertiary education governance, to agricultural, environmental and resource management organisations and to women in rural and regional areas.

Doris Una Skyring Memorial Scholarship

Doris Una Skyring (1898 – 1959) Resident 1924 – 1928

Doris Una Skyring was educated at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School then at the University of Queensland graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1928. Since there was, as yet, no medical school in the University of Queensland, Doris enrolled in Medicine in the University of Sydney, also residing in their Women’s College. She graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 1935 becoming, in that same year, Resident Medical Officer at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

In 1936 she was acting Resident Medical Officer at Rockhampton General Hospital and in 1937 Renwick Hospital for Infants, Summer Hill.  She was locum at Mount Morgan Hospital in 1938 and from 1940 did locums in Rockhampton throughout the Second World War.

She died in 1959 leaving a bequest to The Women’s College to enable and encourage young medical students.

Jill Fittock Harrison Bursary

Jill Fittock Harrison (1928 – 1985) Resident 1946 – 1948.

Jill Fittock was the eldest child of Arthur Fittock, a solicitor in Toowoomba, and his wife Rubina, known as Pat. She was educated at St Hilda’s School in Southport from 1940-1945, and was dux of the school in her final year. Jill attended The Women’s College and the University of Queensland from 1946 to 1948, and was President of The Women’s College Student Club in 1948. She was awarded a Bachelor of Arts, and then taught at St Hilda’s in 1949 and 1950.  She married Dr Mark Harrison in 1950. They had four sons.

After a lifetime of education and family service, Jill died in 1985. Her husband, Dr Mark Harrison, and sons, Andrew and John, generously granted an endowment to The Women’s College which ensures the perpetuation of her memory in the award of this bursary.

Margaret Madeline Bird Bursary

Margaret Madeline Bird (1895 – 1982), Friend of the College.

Margaret Madeline Bird was the second daughter of English parents Katherine Lucy and Edward Day Bird who established a successful book manufacturing business in Milton Road, Brisbane, the site being sold subsequently to the Castlemaine Perkins Brewery.

Margaret was educated at the Misses O’Connor’s school at “Duporth” at Oxley.  Her parents died in the early 1930’s and she, and her older sister, Christabel, continued to live in the family home in Swann Road, Taringa. Margaret, along with her sister, were prominent members of community organisations, Christabel in the Red Cross Society, and Margaret in the Queensland Braille Writing Association at its premises in Ipswich Road, Annerley, where a wing is named in her honour.

Margaret’s association to The Women’s College was most probably due to her community organisation involvement. She may have had meetings at The Women’s College and associated with members of the College. Her will directed that her bequest to The Women’s College be used to provide bursaries for young women entering The Women’s College.

Marie Anne McKellar Bursary

Marie Anne McKellar, Resident 1972 – 1974.

Marie Anne McKellar completed her Bachelor of Science, majoring in Botany, in 1974.  During her College years, Marie spent many weekends returning home to help care for her younger siblings as their mother had died a couple of years earlier.  After graduation, Marie worked in Botany research and later as a librarian. She was tragically killed in 1978.

In 2013 Ms Lucy Wittholz (née McKellar), also a College alumna (1977–1979) established an endowment to honour and celebrate the life of her sister, Marie.  Lucy Wittholz expressed the wish that the Marie Anne McKellar Bursary be given to a student who had lost a parent, as she believed that the College environment would be very supportive for such a young woman.

Stan and Maureen Duke Foundation Bursary

Dr Lyndall Campbell (Resident 1989-1991)
Mrs Karen Sinclair (Resident 1980-1980)
Dr Marian Duke (Resident 1982- 1983) deceased
Dr Susan King (Resident 1984 – 1985)

In 2007, Mackay general surgeon and Urologist Dr Stan Duke set up the Stan and Maureen Duke Trust as a lasting tribute to his late general physician and paediatrician wife.  Dr Stan Duke passed away in 2008, but the couple’s spirit lives on through their Trust, administered by Stan and Maureen’s daughters, who are alumnae of The Women’s College.

The Foundation provides support to tertiary students who have experienced financial or other hardship, and who are committed to their future study and being a part of the College.

 (UQYAP) Women’s College
Accommodation Scholarship

The University of Queensland Young Achievers Program

Women’s College Accommodation Scholarship

The University of Queensland Young Achievers Program (UQYAP) is an exciting initiative which aims to support the tertiary study and career aspirations of senior secondary school students who might not otherwise have access to university as a post-school option.

Broadly, the focus of the UQ Young Achievers Program is on nurturing and developing the educational ambitions of participants through mentoring, financial assistance and opportunities for personal growth and leadership development.

UQ Young Achievers applying to The Women’s College are able to apply for the UQYAP Women’s College Accommodation Scholarship, which is jointly provided through funding from the University of Queensland and The Women’s College.

Wilhelmina Gladstone Jameson Scholarship

Wilhelmina Gladstone Jameson, Friend of College

The foundation Principal of The Women’s College, Freda Bage, was a distinguished scientist who was, at one point, granted leave by the College Council to attend a scientific convention at the United Nations in Geneva.  This was the second time she had been invited.

It was on this trip that she met, probably in London, a Scottish woman then living in London, Wilhelmina Gladstone Jameson, whom Freda impressed very much.  Possibly as a consequence of that meeting, Miss Jameson left a substantial amount of money to the University of Queensland for the purpose of a       scholarship to be awarded to a Women’s College student. The scholarship was first awarded in 1972.

Women’s College Future Fund Bursay

The Women’s College Future Fund was started in 2017 to provide a sustainable resource to assist students achieve a full University experience. The fund is supported directly from the generous donations of Women’s College Alumnae and friends.

The fund is in its infancy and is seeking ongoing donations and contributions to enable the College to increase the fund capital to a level where net earnings facilitate a high level of financial support to more students.

This bursary is awarded to provide students the opportunity to have the Women’s College experience who otherwise might not be able to attend University, or live in such a supportive environment as The Women’s College.

GradReady Principal’s Scholarship

This scholarship is not administered by The Women’s College and as such all the application information is contained in the links below.

GradReady is proud to award one student residing at The Women’s College a GradReady GAMSAT® Attendance (Comprehensive) Course each year. The scholarship is designed for prospective medical students and provides them with comprehensive preparation for the Graduate Medical Schools Admission Test (GAMSAT®). Please click here for more details on the course.

GradReady is an education technology company aimed at making learning more effective and engaging. GradReady has helped over 6000 students prepare for the GAMSAT® exam since 2010. Their students have improved by an average of 24 percentile points and 90%+ have achieved medical school admissions. To learn more about GradReady, click here.

Please click here for more details on how to apply