As part of Women’s College commitment to our community’s health and safety we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and following all the relevant advice from Queensland Health and the Australian Government as restrictions ease.

This page provides advice and information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) for Women’s College parents and students. We would encourage you to check this page frequently as it will be updated regularly and includes copies of our communiques.


Review the Women’s College Roadmap which is aligned with the Queensland Health Roadmap.


Weekly communication with students and parents has been maintained providing up-to-date information and clear instructions about health, safety and behaviours. Copies of all communiques have been emailed to students and parents and saved on this COVID-19 Update page.


Students in Residence

What physical distancing measures are in College?

  • All students and staff to maintain 1.5 metres distance at all times
  • Social distancing signage displayed across the College
  • Signage in all rooms/spaces with the maximum number of students permitted to maintain the 1.5 metre distance

What safety measures have been implemented in College?

  • Confine students unless going out to exercise, work, attend a medical appointment, undertake a placement or access university resources
  • Hand sanitising bottles placed at the entry to the dining hall and all public spaces
  • Crosses (1.5m apart) marked on the floor in the College Foyer and dining hall kitchen entrance
  • Staff ensure physical distancing maintained during meal times
  • Gloves provided for self-service of meals
  • Disposable plates and utensils provided
  • Split lunch and dinner times (no more than 30 pax per sitting) for a duration of 25 minutes.
  • Dining Hall closes for 5 minutes between meal sessions and tables and hard surfaces are sanitised
  • Additional cleaning of bathrooms, public spaces and residents’ rooms
  • No visitors allowed at College
  • No visiting other Colleges allowed

Additional measures were implemented on Thursday 2 April from 12:00pm as follows:

  • External access points limited to the College via the front glass sliding doors. All other external doors are disabled for external entry
  • Absolutely no guests permitted in College at any time
  • No socialising permitted on the grounds of any other College

 Can students remain in College during the mid-semester break?

Students can remain in College and must adhere to the following guidelines in order to look after and respect their fellow students and staff:

  • No social gatherings permitted in rooms where a safe social distance cannot be maintained (1.5m apart and ensuring 4 square metres per person)
  • Vacate rooms when being cleaned
  • No consumption of alcohol in groups of greater than two is permitted in College, unless provided by the College
  • Leave campus for essential travel only
  • Exercise in isolation or with one other whilst maintaining 1.5m distance
  • No guests permitted at College at all and no travelling to other colleges is allowed for social gatherings

What happens if a student in College is diagnosed with COVID-19?

If a student is diagnosed with the virus, the College will contact Queensland Health and follow their advice.

Who will take care of the student if they are in self-isolation?

College staff will ensure meals are delivered and care for the duration of the stay in isolation.

What if someone presents with symptoms?

A College staff member is to be contacted if there is concern about the health or well-being of anyone in the College community. Anyone with symptoms must seek medical attention immediately.

Returning Students

Can students travel home for mid-semester break?

If students choose to travel home for mid-semester break, they can return to College and follow precautions and practices in place as advised by Queensland Health –

Students must complete the ‘Going Away’ and ‘Return to College’ forms to reflect travel dates, then hand in their key in person at reception prior to departing College. Students do not need to pack-up their room.

While away, students must practise social distancing, safe hygiene habits and maintain all levels of safety.

Students must not return to College if they are unwell or displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

Can students return from interstate?

Students may return to College from interstate however it is important that they follow the Queensland Border Restrictions – – in addition to the College’s requirements.

Will student fees be reimbursed to those who have returned home?

After taking into consideration all the factors surrounding the uncertainty of the coronavirus, the College Council should reach a decision regarding fees at their meeting at the end of this week. Information will be provided after Easter.

Other Questions

How can students access tutorials and other academic support?

Regardless of whether students are in College or at home, students are encouraged to access academic support via Zoom or Google Hangouts such as:

  • Academic Tutorials
  • Academic Mentors (First Years)
  • Assignment writing support
  • Questions to the Coordinator of Student Life or other students in their course

How are the students supported at College?

Senior staff continue to live on site and are available to be contacted by phone at any time. Student leaders continue to live in the College and manage the well-being and safety of the students. Night porters are on call from 4:00pm – 11:00pm each night and security guards patrol the area from 11:00pm – 6:00am.

Can I have items posted to me whilst I’m away from College?

Due to the health and safety of staff, we can no longer fulfil requests to forward or post items to you at home.

Will the College close?

We are not planning to close The Women’s College. We still have students in residence and we are providing all services. However, all Student Club activities (ICC) are currently suspended until further notice.

Parent Updates

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Student Updates


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