The Women’s College greatly appreciates the support and partnership with its 2020 donors. Philanthropy makes an immediate impact on our students in need while studying at University.

Generosity from alumnae, friends, parents, students, foundations, community groups and philanthropic organisations, allows the Women’s College to offer support to our talented students so they can continue to achieve their best.

We are delighted to release The Women’s College 2020 Impact Report.

Whilst this report provides a range of stories that celebrates philanthropy throughout 2020, it is also our way of acknowledging the most generous support provided to us from our community.

A full list of 2020 donors is below.

Gifts of $1,000 or greater

Dr Maureen Aitken
Mathilde Alston
Dr Sallyanne Atkinson
Brazil Family Foundation
Emeritus Professor Frederick D’Agostino
Emeritus Professor Carol Dickenson
Dr Alena Griffiths
Professor Susan Hamilton
Dr Mark Harrison
Mary Johnston
Ellen Juhasz
Florence Kearney
Margot Love
Elizabeth Macintosh
Marie Myers
Helen McBride
Dr Judith Nave
Dr Jill Pettigrew
Stan & Maureen  Duke Foundation
The Women’s College Student Club (2019 & 2020)
Peter Thompson

Gifts up to $999

Roger Abell
Kisa Baldwin
Dulcie Battaglene
Inma Beaumont
Lara-Jane Biggin
Glenda Bouvier-Berthet
Jacqui Britton
Louise Brownlie
Dr Alison Bruce
Ivor Chalmers
Sarah Chu
Maria Clark
Jessica Clements
Ella Cooper
Deborah Davis
Megan Dalton
Peter Easson
Margaret Firoux Abadi
Natalie Garrick
Elsa Geringer


Dr Leonie Gray
Charlotte Grigg
Belinda Haines
Deirdre Hargreaves
Glennys Hayes
Courtney Hayward
Joan Hoare
Susan Jackson
Margaret Juhasz
Paul Kearnan


Alison Kubler
Betty Lee
Roman Leontjew
Kate Liang
Nancy Logan
Kim Lyons
Anne Maccarrone
Dr Carlo Maccarrone
Emeritus Professor Mary Mahoney
Margaret Mayers
Susan McGinley
Moya McKenzie
Fay McKinnon
Edith McPhee
Christine Moore
Diana Moore
Gwyneth Muller
Sally Northcroft
Kobie Olsen
Georgia Payne
Barbara Page-Hanify
Maree Pearce
Anne Radigna
Sajeewa Ranasinghe
Glen Raul
Samantha Rogers
Jeff Sipek
Isabelle Smith
Georgia Snare
Stephanie Steinhardt


Helen Theile
Margaret Thorsborne
Philippa Vella
Bianca Watt
Pamela Webb
Kristie Welsh
Belinda Welsh