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As part of the overall Ready to Lead program, the formal dinners are held to expose students to people who are doing something fascinating, interesting, unusual, beneficial or just plain awesome and who can impart some lessons and insights from their experiences. They are an opportunity to find out about something completely new. It can lead to a new experience or simple expand one’s horizons.  The dinners are also a formal communication opportunity for students. It is generally anticipated that everyone makes the effort to attend.

These events are for residents of The Women’s College. Please note there are quite a few over the year and they are summarised here as well as set them up as a recurring event. Please note that Academic Dinner and Valedictory Dinner are also formal dinners, but are set up separately due to their significance.

Semester 1 – 26 February , 1 May, 29 May

Semester 2 – 30 July, 7 August, 27 August, 24 September (Cultural), 8 October (Community), 15 October (Sports)

Pre-dinner drinks from 5.30pm followed by dinner  at 6pm in the Harriett Marks Dining Room.

Dress Code – Formal Academic Gown