“During Year 12, I realised that to study what I was really interested in at university, I would have to move from my home town of Sarina to Brisbane.  Knowing the costs of relocating would be significant, I was keen to find somewhere to live that was close to uni and where I would feel safe, comfortable and supported.  College was the answer!

I was very lucky to receive a bursary which allowed me the opportunity to attend College.  It has made a huge impact on my life and without it, and the generosity of donors, my dream of attending College would not have been possible.

Now in my third year at Women’s, I’m proud to say that I’ve embraced all that College life has to offer!

I also know that the countless experiences I’ve enjoyed, people I’ve met and opportunities I’ve been given to lead, have shaped who I am today.

In the future, when I find myself in a position to donate to Women’s, I will jump at the chance to do so and give back to a College which has given me so much.

The College experience can and truly does change lives.”

Author: Philippa Vella, Student 2018

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