The Women’s College within the University of Queensland (UQ) prepares women to think big and reach far. Our mission is to increase students’ understanding of the world and to foster educated women leaders within that world.

Our vibrant community brings together women from many different cultural, social, religious and economic backgrounds… Read more

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A Fresher's View

O-Week is one of the most memorable weeks of any Women’s Girls time at College. It’s a week of new beginnings, laughter and meeting new people to share the next one, two or three years with. O-Week commences the Sunday you move in and extends to the following Friday.  The week is action packed with traditions and activities. I will not reveal too much about the traditions conducted during this week, because I believe the best part of the week was going on this wonderful experience without knowing what was coming next; but I can reveal what I though was the most memorable and exciting parts of O-Week. Read More

Adventures of a NOG

The College motto is a funny one – We Take That We May Share. It sounds very fancy when written in Latin. Although it does make us sound like Robin Hood evenly distributing the wealth in Sherwood Forrest.  Read More

17-Apr-2014Centenary Celebration: Toowoomba Alumnae, parents and friends residing in and near Toowoomba are invited to a regional celebration of The Women's College Centenary on Thursday, 17 April 2014. To be held from 5.. Read more
03-Aug-2014UQ & Women's College Open Day UQ Open Day is an exciting and overwhelming experience for future students and parents as well. For those considering applying to The Women's College, Women's Open Day is an e.. Read more