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Your Partner for Conferences & Events


Looking for a perfect Brisbane venue for your end of year celebratory event post-COVID-19, or planning a conference or event in 2021? Book your event and accommodation with Women's College! Partner with Women's College as there's a suitable space for every size event. Our Conference & Events Manager would like to show you what we have on offer - https://www.womens.uq.edu.au/portfolio_cate…/function-rooms/ Contact us today - conferences@womens.uq.edu.au or phone 07 3377 4500.

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Community Engagement Committee


One of the major benefits of living at Women's College is the leadership opportunities on offer. The newly formed Community Engagement Committee, an initiative of the 2020 Student Club, is a perfect example which has provided the opportunity for five aspiring leaders to be responsible for organising and creating events for students who are at College during the COVID-19 crisis. Their contribution will play an important role in keeping students connected during these challenging times. https://www.facebook.com/TheWomensCollegeUQ/photos/a.458156477606347/2935847933170510/?type=3&theater

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2020 Student Photography Team


We are excited to present this year’s Women’s College Student Photography Team. Grace Porter, our videographer, has already produced multiple videos for the College and our photographers, Lucy Bowden, Tegan Evert and Eliza White have taken hundreds of photos which have been featured in our latest Parent Communique and social media and will be seen in our upcoming Giving Appeal campaign. https://www.facebook.com/TheWomensCollegeUQ/photos/a.458156477606347/2919408408147796/?type=3&theater 

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Parent Communique – Now Available


To read all the latest news about what's been happening at Women's College, read our latest issue of the Parent Communique. To read our digital flipbook version (once opened click the fullscreen icon), ensure you download the issuu app - https://issuu.com/womens/docs/womne_s_college_parent_communique_issue_03_2020  Or download a pdf version - Women's College_Parent Communique_Issue 03_2020

Parent Communique – Now Available2020-05-19T11:45:38+10:00

Student Club Offers Support Bursaries


The 2020 Student Club will support Women’s College students who are experiencing financial hardship as a direct impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Ten Student Club COVID-19 Support Bursaries are available for residents and their families. Click here for more details -  https://www.facebook.com/TheWomensCollegeUQ/photos/a.458156477606347/2895280447227259/?type=3&av=458145094274152&eav=AfZQc3bmezoywovroVqqQMLHZa29syXNi47IXDBxfYFPhinrApo231ksxZSrDSWlAcQ&theater

Student Club Offers Support Bursaries2020-05-11T18:37:00+10:00

New Academic Mentoring Program Launched


Our new Academic Mentoring Program was launched this year to support the academic success of first year residents and associates with their transition from high school to university. Congratulations to the 2020 Academic Mentors for their leadership. Read about about their leadership role - https://www.facebook.com/TheWomensCollegeUQ/photos/a.458156477606347/2885781544843816/?type=3&av=458145094274152&eav=Afa7Q2_bCb9uvsZDSY9tNpikuETMEc7ncXLidbBpY1k1H4WIQX5rG9q967l6uXO-47g&theater

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Come for a Virtual Visit


Year 12 students who want to find out more about living at Women's College in 2021, can now connect with our student ambassadors to ask questions about preparing for college life and transitioning to university studies. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity! Book your Zoom chat today - https://www.womens.uq.edu.au/book-a-zoom-chat-with-a-student-ambassador/

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Young Student Leaders take up the Challenge


Congratulations to the newly formed At College Leadership Team (ACLT) who have taken up the challenge to lead our students still in College during the coronavirus crisis. Read here about these incredible young women - https://www.facebook.com/TheWomensCollegeUQ/photos/a.458156477606347/2867125916709379/?type=3&av=458145094274152&eav=Afb6l9HGmrW2zTxUlxObOdkNiEaKP0Eko8sUVZbTsb_DO8RGPBPZ-SRIudSawaGKbaI&theater

Young Student Leaders take up the Challenge2020-04-29T11:50:06+10:00

Congratulations to our Wooza Choir


We couldn't perform at the ICC Choralfest this year, but we performed something better! A BIG thank you to those students who submitted videos and took up the challenge to participate in our very first 'Wooza Couch Choir' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FykA0ks5gK4 Congratulations to Cultural Convenor, Ellie Ferguson and videographer, Grace Porter, who supported the initiative and produced the music video. The power of singing has brought our Woozas together during physical distancing, even though we are apart.

Congratulations to our Wooza Choir2020-05-19T14:58:46+10:00