The Women’s College was established in 1914 and has enjoyed a rich history as part of the University of Queensland. The Women’s College was first situated at Kangaroo Point, moving to the current site at St Lucia in 1958.

The College Crest

The Armorial Bearings of the College Crest were assigned by Royal Warrant in 1957 and include three key elements:

  • The Cross Pattee symbolises the chivalric virtues including loyalty, piety, frankness, bravery, honour and helpfulness towards the poor and sick. It is also the state emblem of Queensland.
  • The Lamp of Learning is a universal symbol of scholarship.
  • In heraldry, the red rose represents grace and beauty.

College Colours

Traditionally the Women’s College colours were blue, chocolate and gold.  In modern times the deep maroon from the cross pattee and red rose of the College Crest have been used with white and navy blue as the Women’s colours.

College Motto

Capimus ut dividamus – “We take that we may share”

College Grace

Benedictus Benedicat, per Jesum Christum Dominum Nostrum.  Amen – said prior to the meal at formal and celebratory dinners
Benedicto Benedicatur, per Jesum Christum Dominum Nostrum.  Amen – closing grace

A version of the Latin Grace, the meaning is loosely translated to: “Blessed is He and may he bless [this food] through Jesus Christ Our Lord”.

Women’s Mascots

Women’s first mascot, a little stone fawn known as “Eeyore”, was hand carved during the early 1940s by noted Australian sculptor Leonard Shillam.

It was originally installed in Women’s garden at Kangaroo Point. After moving to St Lucia, “Eeyore” continues to live in the College gardens, despite living in constant threat of abduction from rival Colleges.

After years of being defended and rescued, “Eeyore” is now is a secure home within the Maureen Aitken Garden.

The current College mascot is a doll called Mary Wooza. The origin of this doll is shrouded in mystery. When Mary Wooza makes appearances at sporting matches and other College events, she is heavily guarded and all Woozas keep a close eye on her safety.

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