Co-curricular Activities

At Women’s we know that some of life’s best lessons are learned outside the classroom. There are many different sporting and cultural activities on offer to complement your studies, with competitions and performances timed carefully to avoid interfering with academic commitments.

The heart and soul of co-curricular activities is the Intercollege Council Competition (ICC). The strong history of ICC challenges brings great spirit to all events. Students compete for various ICC titles, as much as for fun and bragging rights!

Between March and October, Women’s residents can participate in 15 sports:

Cross Country
Table Tennis
Touch Football
Water Polo

Most sports are played at a competitive amateur level, in short seasons of no more than a month to fit in with University course commitments. Competition is ‘round robin’ style and UQ’s Residential Colleges compete against each other for the Women’s ICC Sport Shield and the Women’s Weighted Shield. Events are widely supported by the whole College community.

Everyone is encouraged to try out and should first register their interest with the Sports Convener.

Women’s has a varied cultural program, with art, music, dance, theatre, debating and chess combining to offer something for all tastes. Activities include:

  • Art Show
  • Bandfest
  • Chess
  • Choralfest
  • College Idol
  • Dancefest
  • Debating
  • The One Act Play
  • Oratory/Public Speaking

Like the sporting activities, Women’s cultural program is part of the Intercollege Council Competition (ICC), where UQ colleges compete against each other for the Cultural Cup. It’s lots of fun and a great way for students to express themselves in the arts through individual and group performances.

All students are encouraged to take part and should register their interest with the Cultural Convener.

Women’s residents have opportunities to be involved in various community service projects. Projects are initiated, led and organised by students themselves – giving our women real ‘ownership’ of the projects and causes they choose to support.

In line with the college motto, Capimus ut dividamus “We take so that we may share”, students learn to collaborate and network with local, national and international organisations. They become socially responsible civic leaders who then educate their peers and the wider community about the issues, organisations and people with whom they are working.

Below is a list of some of the charities Women’s residents have supported :

  • Australian Cancer Council Foundation
  • Leukaemia Foundation
  • World Vision – Sponsor a Child
  • She Rescue Home
  • The Cancer Council
  • Red Frogs
  • Live Below the Line
  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • Earth Hour
  • Biggest Morning Tea
  • Tom’s One Day Without Shoes

And donated their time to:

  • The Hear and Say Centre
  • University Childcare Centre
  • The Women’s College Gardens

This is where the fun begins! Being part of The Women’s College’s active Student Club is a great way to develop leadership skills and community spirit; and one of the best ways to get the most out of your College experience.

As a resident or Associate Member at Women’s, you automatically become a member of the Student Club. It’s here that you will truly learn what it means to be a Wooza and become part of the history and tradition of this fantastic college.

The Student Club is led by ten executive members elected by the student body. Under the governance of a student-drafted Constitution, the Student Executive organises numerous social, cultural and sporting activities throughout the year.

They organise students to compete for the ICC Sport Shield and ICC Cultural Trophy as well as to become involved in social events, such as, ithe Women’s College ‘At Home’ event in first semester and the Women’s College Ball in second semester. There are informal weekly events with other Colleges to enjoy as well.

The Club also coordinates the Women’s Community Service and Fundraising events for various charities in line with the College motto Capimus ut dividamus “We take so that we may share”.