Life at College

At Women’s, you’ll quickly discover that College life is central to your university experience.  Much more than a place to sleep, Women’s will be your social base and a place to call home.  While you’ll have your own room, the communal areas are where you’ll develop lasting friendships.

Whether studying side-by-side for exams or enjoying some down time in the lounge, Women’s residents (or ‘Woozas’ as you affectionately become) are united by a desire to learn what the world has to offer them and what they have to offer the world. A nurturing and supportive environment is created by the Head of College and her team. The Deputy Head of College provides pastoral care support to all students, while a Senior Resident and Resident Assistants, themselves senior women, live alongside residents, offering friendship and guidance.

Academic support is available through the academic tutorial program and our superb facilities ensure you have access to everything you need to succeed in your studies. You’ll also be encouraged to pursue your interests outside of study. Social functions are organised throughout the year and the cultural program, including drama, choir, and debating, offers something for all tastes. Women’s also enjoys a strong sporting tradition with 17 sports on offer through the Intercollege Council Competition.

Women’s provides an intimate environment dedicated to personal and intellectual discovery among like-minded women. Life at Women’s is truly an exceptional experience.

The Women’s College spirit is extraordinary.

The women are inspired to achieve success and excellence in all pursuits.  Academic excellence is seen as one of many forms of achievement.  The Inter College Competition (known as the ICC) is another where everyone is encouraged to fully engage with the broad range of non academic pursuits.

Participation and contribution are celebrated.

Within the College we share a vibrant and caring collegiate community which provides an environment of friendship and support.  As the women who live here say:  ‘Our College is our home’.

Choosing your university accommodation is an important decision. Beyond the practicality of living in a convenient, secure and comfortable location so close to UQ, life at Women’s offers a supportive and seamless transition into the very best university experience. At Women’s:

  • Your personal journey comes first. The focus is on making the most of who you are and what you want to become.
  • You’ll be free to pursue your intellectual passions and to focus on your studies.
  • Your friends and fellow residents will be diverse individuals whose unique experiences create a vibrant community.
  • You will have access to a wide variety of female role models to support and inspire you.
  • Your life will be full of opportunities for academic, social, sporting and cultural activities that make for a full and rewarding student life outside of classes.
  • You’ll gain leadership skills and experience that will help you prepare for leadership positions in your life, your community and your profession.

At Women’s, there are no stereotypes about what women should do, but there are unlimited expectations about what women can do.

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